Toelke Troll Review
52" AMO 45# @ 28" 2-piece takedown

I like short bows.  I like how their compactness makes it easy to maneuver in the field, to use inside a blind, or to shoot from a variety of positions without smacking a limb tip into a ceiling or the floor.  Perhaps it's nerdy of me, but there is a certain "cuteness" to a small bow.  While looking at short bows, I came across the Toelke Kestrel - a short 52" recurve.  Owners of this little bow raved about its compact size, yet smooth draw.  I thought about it and the idea of a tiny recurve that could break down into a smaller travel package would be a really neat bow.

I gave Dan Toelke a call to inquire further about the Kestrel and that was when I learned that model had been retired and replaced with the Troll.  According to Dan, he had redesigned the Kestrel for improved performance and the new design was different enough to warrant a completely new bow, so the Troll came into being.  After discu…
Big Jim Thunder Child Review
56" AMO 46# @ 28" 2-piece Takedown

It has been a good long while since my last bow review.  Life has been keeping me rather busy with work and family so I haven't been able to check out new bows, much less take the time to review them.  I still have some bows that I haven't had the chance yet to review and those will be upcoming as I find time to record my experiences.

Up for review this entry is Big Jim's Thunder Child 2-piece takedown longbow.  I have long known of Big Jim and his high-end bows but never got a chance to handle one, let alone see one in person.  Big Jim is well known as a bowyer producing beautifully handcrafted bows that perform as well as they look.  Of particular interest to me was his Thunder Child longbow, which is unusually short for being a "longbow".  I started taking an interest to shorter bows ever since I took up bowhunting due to the compact maneuverability shorter bows provide.  Having a 2-pie…
GrizzlyStik Qarbon Nano QN2 Review  62" AMO 47#@27"

One particular take down longbow I have had my eye on for some time is the GrizzlyStik Qarbon Nano.  Since the time I had first noticed this bow, Alaska Bowhunting Supply (ABS) has since revised the bow with some improvements and now we have the Qarbon QN2 model reviewed here.  In-depth reviews of the second generation Qarbon are somewhat scarce, so I hope this review would provide some help to anyone who happens to have an interest in the bow.  According to the ABS website, the Qarbon was a bow designed from the ground up to shoot a heavy arrow and shoot it fast.  I prefer heavier arrows in general so let's see how the Qarbon does.

*** 2/18/17 Update***
3Rivers Archery has indeed picked up the Qarbon QN2.  The folks at 3Rivers are very knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to and I am glad they are the ones who are the new distributors of the QN2.  Scroll to the bottom of this review to see more details about this update.…
Dryad Orion ACS-RC Review  44# 58" AMO recurve

This time, I have an Orion bolt-down recurve.  The 58" bow consists of a 15" riser with medium length ACS-RC limbs scaled at 44# @ 28".  I had been wanting to try a set of the RC limbs for some time, so I finally put in the order during this year's Black Friday sale Dryad was having.

- Riser -

The 15" riser is attractively appointed with onyx actionwood, shedua, and red accent stripes.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love Dryad's risers.  They look great and the grip feels outstanding to my hand.  The Orion riser is no different.  This riser is virtually identical to a 15" ILF Epic I already have with the exception of the different woods and limb fitment.  The grip is a nice minimalist medium height with a wonderfully slim throat.  There really isn't much of any thumb rest to speak of and that's just fine.  I find the slim throat to really help minimize the risk of torq…